What is changing?

The Avec board and management team have recently offered a senior member of Avec’s IT support division, Gareth Clements, the opportunity to take over Avec’s network and hardware sales and support business, which from the beginning of October 2013 he will do, under the Zenith IT Solutions company name.
Gareth will be joined by Avec IT’s Robin Montgomery, who will take the senior role of Zenith IT’s operations manager and manage their engineering team.

Why is this happening?

Over the past couple of years, Avec's core IT business has shifted significantly from traditional onsite IT support and hardware sales towards our range of online services. It's a trend we see continuing to gather pace, with the rapid marketplace adoption of cloud computing and hosted applications, as well as the increasing importance of online presence and promotion through rich interactive websites, social networking and other new media.

Avec has taken the strategic decision to concentrate on these online services alongside our broader portfolio of management and finance consultancy and support. Allowing senior staff members to take over the network and hardware sales and support business enables us to do so.

How will the change take place? Will my service be disrupted?

Clients of Avec’s web, hosting, online services as well as management and finance consultancy will be unaffected, as the changes concern only the network and hardware sales and support business.

The transition should nevertheless prove reasonably smooth and without service disruption for these IT support clients, given the continuity of staff support and systems, as well as Gareth and Robin's commitment to providing the very best of IT support and customer care. In other words, IT support will be provided and invoiced under a different company name, but clients can still expect the same strong levels of service delivery from Zenith as were previously provided by Avec.

How will Avec and Zenith IT Solutions work together?

Avec will continue to work in close partnership with Zenith, with each company bringing its specialist expertise to collaborative projects and service delivery.
Zenith will also retain an office presence within Avalon House, Avec’s office headquarters in Belfast.

Is Avec shrinking? Might Avec close down?
Quite the opposite: the Avec team is continuing to grow to meet the demands and new challenges of providing internet consultancy, website design and development, managed hosting and other online services, alongside our broader portfolio of management and finance consultancy and support.
Avec as a business is stronger than ever, and we have recently taken over the hosting business of a sister social enterprise in the south of England, as we continue to look for more opportunities to expand and improve our services to the third sector, as we have done for the past 15 years.
Is Avec getting out of the IT consultancy business?
No, IT consultancy will remain alongside management and finance consultancy as a main offering from Avec. Our direct IT service delivery will focus on cloud computing and online services (including web development and hosting), but we will continue to advise and support our third sector and other clients on matters of IT strategy, planning and deployment. We will then partner with Zenith IT or other hardware and network sales and support companies where needed.
Who can I contact if I have any concerns?
Queries or concerns about these changes or any of Avec’s services can be raised with:
Sarah Douglas
Web Services Manager
Tel 028 9045 9000
Geoffrey Ready
Managing IT Consultant
Maurice Kinkead
Chief Executive